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Did you know . . . . .

No matter how good or expensive your radio is, it will only work as good as your antenna system.

Upgrading or repairing your antenna system can greatly improve the performance of your radio.

I refer to it as an "antenna system" because everything (coax, antenna mount and antenna) must be in good

working condition and properly installed for the "antenna system" to work properly. A problem with any part

of it will reduce the performance of transmit and receive (think distance).

The "antenna system" also needs to be tuned for best SWR (Standing Wave Ratio).

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We can check your antenna system and make the necessary repairs.

We can also tune your antenna for the best SWR.

Click here for more information on antenna systems. 

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We do not work on or repair
CB Radios, Amateur Radios, 2-Way Radios

If your radio needs repairs please contact the manufacturer. 

This information should be in your owners manual.


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